NZERA Structure:

The Association is divided into three district groups which report to a National Executive Committee who have overall responsibility for Association activities.

Technical Liaison:

The NZERA has entered into a technical exchange agreement with similar organisations overseas. These include the American Engine Rebuilders Association and the Engine Reconditioners Association of Australia. As well as exchange of technical problems and solutions the three Industry bodies have also exchanged their technical databases which has formed one of the largest collections of technical information relating exclusively to engines in the world.

The district trade groups of the Association are split into three areas, Northern, Central and South Island. Districts hold around three meetings during the year at various locations within the district. At these meetings members share technical problems and solutions which they have encountered during the period.

These are then forwarded to the National Executive Committee who edit and compile a quarterly technical newsletter then sent to members.

Code of Practice and Training:

The Association operates an Engine Reconditioning Code of practice, which outlines the minimum requirements to meet engine reconditioning standards. This is a highly skilled Industry where trained technicians are required to carry out the many complex and intricate functions necessary to remanufacture and machine various aspects of the engine. Staff entering the Industry are encouraged to take up a formal apprenticeship (3 years) which is available through the National Certificate in Automotive Machining administered by the Motor Industry Training Organisation.

National Conference:

The NZERA holds a national conference in August each year which is designed to provide the latest in business and technical information to members to keep them up to date with changes in management issues as well as technology.

This conference also attracts international delegates as well as technical speakers from various parts of the world.

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