Q My car is very old with an odd motor. Can you get parts for it?

A If we can’t get original equipment parts, then we are usually able to source pattern parts or adapt parts from other motors to fit.

Q What oil should I run in my newly reconditioned motor?

A When we recondition your engine we will supply the appropriate running in oil to suit.   This will need to be changed after an initial 500 miles or 800 Kms.

As we are the local Penrite agents we can supply all your oil requirements for motor, gearbox and differential.

Q Why do I need running in oil?

A Running in oil does not have the additive packages that premium grade oils have. This allows the bearing surfaces and piston to bore mating faces to wear slightly and provide a greater seal and better bearing surface, giving your engine longer life.

Q Do I need to disassemble my motor before I bring it in?

A No……it is best to give us the motor in the condition you require it back, so we know where all the appropriate places for the nuts and bolts are.

All you have to do is drain out the oil and the water.

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