New Zealand Engine Reconditioning and Rebuild Specialists

B & H Engine Services are experts in all fields of
engine building and restoration and carry out a wide
range of services to car and truck engines throughout
New Zealand and overseas including vintage and classic
cars, hotrods, stockcars and even lawnmower motors, jet
ski, boat and go kart motors.
They source and supply parts, in some cases even
manufacturing parts that are hard to obtain.

Engine Services:
Crack testing
Crankshaft Grinding
Shell bearing conversions
Line boring
Unleaded fuel conversions
Hard to get parts manufacturer
Cylinder head and block resurfacing
Multi Angle Seat cutting
Valve guide replacement and manufacture
Valve Refacing and manufacture
Flywheel lightening and machining
Broken stud removal
Exhaust manifold refacing
Hardness testing
Glass blasting and chemical cleaning

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